Our Services

At CamCASp, we provide all levels of service to help you address access issues for your business.

  • Pre-Lease/Pre-Ownership Inspection
    • Prior to leasing or buying a facility or property, it is in your best interest to educate yourself to what you might face with violations of accessibility requirements. We provide a preliminary access review of the prospective property and provide you with a report of potential issues that you might be confronted with in your prospective place of business.


  • Full CASp Inspection
    • CamCASp is fully certified by the State of California as an expert in access compliance. We fully survey your facility to identify access compliance violations and provide a detailed report.
    • While no accessibility survey can fully protect you from potential litigation related to access compliance, the CASp program has specific provisions in it to afford a business owner who has had their facility inspected a significantly superior legal position over non-surveyed properties.


  • Annual CASp Re-Assessment
    • Once you have hired CamCASp for a full CASp suvey, the work doesn’t end there. Readily Achievable Barriers must be addressed as an ongoing plan of action. On an annual basis, for a nominal fee, we will re-survey your facility to determine whether your corrective measures are in compliance with current codes as well as determine if any new violations have been inadvertently created. We will provide an update to your CAsp inspection for your records.
    • This is one of the best ways to protect your company in the event of potential litigation. By working on addressing violations in your initial CASp inspection in an ongoing process and fully documenting these corrections by a qualified CASp inspector, you  are proactively protecting yourself from potential lawsuits.


  • Access Design Services
    • Detailed schematic drawings can be provided to you for specific corrective measures including:
      • Facility Access (Entry Ramps or Stairs, Main Entry, etc.)
      • Parking Lot Striping and Pedestrian Route upgrades
      • Restroom layout upgrades
      • Signage Plans


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